The essay is really your opportunity to have that conversation with the admission office office to really bring them something that is of importance to you and so when Peggy starts to talk about a lot of the different ways in which you can write a compelling yesterday there’s a couple of things that I would really like you to think about as you start to think about crafting your own essay or your own personal statement for college admission this year or in years to come but first is making sure that when you write about something be very aware if it is going to be a shared experience and when I say shared experience I think of students who write often times about the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts or a mission trip or they write about a sporting activity. Check examples of great admission essays at Edusson.

They’re the captain of a team where they got kicked off a team and they got back on the team these are a lot of experiences there students all across the country all around the world have and it’s absolutely fine to write about shared experiences but what’s important is really the takeaway that you had from that experience and when I say that just think of how an admission officer would go into that admissions committee setting that I just mentioned and talk about the student if they were going in and said okay the student Sally was involved in sports she was captain of the team and she won the state championship and that’s really all they could talk about or they could talk about Sally who went on the basketball team who was the captain they won the state championship and she found that level of leadership and did something else in her school and so it’s not necessarily about the experience itself but it’s more about the take away that experience has another common sa that a lot of students would write about would be the influential person in their life which we always refer to as the grandfather si. Learn how to connect with the admissions committee here.

And this is something that a lot of college admission officers when it will ask for they will ask for write something about an influential person in your life it’s absolutely appropriate to write about this but what you want to stay away from is really just spending so much time writing about that person that at the end of the essay all the admission officer knows is that I really want to admit your grandfather to our institution because they were so influential what you want them to do is find that there was an impact that your grandfather had or your mother had or your aunt or your coach or your teacher but at the end of it this is what you also saw in yourself and this is what it caused you to do so again thinking about that impact and being able to convey that to the admission officer.