When they go into that committee or they think about admitting you versus another individual student who is applying that they can have that take away and really makes you unique in that process so when you think about the essay it’s really about telling your story it’s really about conveying to the admission office really who you are as an individual and really thinking about what makes you a special and so a lot of students have things in their lives and an admission officers don’t really expect seventeen-year-old students who are applying the university to have these huge impactful life-changing events always but just something that really makes you you I do work with a couple of students throughout the year and they ask for advice on how to write effective essays and I’m working with one particular student right now. Learn how to present your experiences right at Edusson.

So what’s the write about experience that she had with basketball and that she was kicked off the team that kicked off the team she didn’t make the team in the ninth grade and instead of saying okay I’m just gonna move on and do something else she still had a passion for basketball and so she wrote about going and coaching basketball for her for a middle school league that she had within her school district the other option that she had is that she could write about this nonprofit that she works with and how involved she got with the norm and she actually had raised a significant amount of money and she took this to write her own blog and to go and do additional things as a result of working with this nonprofit for her 10th and 11th grade year and my suggestion back to her was that the nonprofit essay was a little bit more impactful because I’m really here stand out because the other one could have been more of a shared experience that a lot of other student packed so as I say that think about yourself think about the things that you’ve done and think about how you can best convey your sue the admission office who you are as an individual. Why essay? Find out in this article.

I will be back at the end of the conversation got the answer questions that any of you may have but at this time I’m gonna turn this over to Peggy and she’s gonna walk you through a lot of the great work that she’s done throughout her career with students well good evening I think our good afternoon depending on where you are certainly this is the time of year when my students are bringing the dress of their essays every day and we’re spending a lot of time on the write and rewrite process that I will be talking about but we always start the process by thinking about why colleges want an essay and bob has actually Peggy I think we lost you hi this is Peggy Hawk from the Pinewood School in California where it’s still late in the afternoon.