When talking to someone and then adding so intensely at the end really brings a focus of the sentence right down to the word intensely which I think is if we were to define one the thesis of the sentence the biggest the next biggest change is my body was comfortable but my mind was obsessed oppressed if you’ll notice that kind of sentiment and sentence is not at all present and while it is important to show and not tell the way this paragraph works and especially when you’re talking about something that other people might not understand it is very very important to be clear and so you might want to explain some of your emotions and that is never bad what is bad is to be explain them and just go into your emotions without grounding your emotions in concrete items and experiences. Learn more about focus in essay sentence on Edusson.

So some possible methods and tips methods are ways to go about it and tips are things to remember as you’re going through those not exactly a do and do not it’s more pieces of advice so for method it’s very very it’s a common theme but it’s also expanded as tried-and-true it’s a very very good idea to begin with an anecdote and this just means going back in time finding a memory or situation in where it really displays the point you’re trying to make and saucing with that that’s really engaging right off the bat if you saw in the physical people automatically start experiencing what you were experiencing and you might understand your point so much better than if you start with emotion or with your exact thesis you do want to make sure that you are unique but I think some of the best ways to remain unique is to talk about very mundane things whether this is things like three things on your desk that could really display who you are and trying to connect them in some way talking about the conversations you have with your bus driver every morning on the way to school anything like that just some very integrated part of your day-to-day life that you might want to expand on. Find out how to use humor in your essay here.

Because it really displays who you are as a person and a really really great piece of advice that I’ve come across recently is to talk about something you might not want them to know whether this is something you’re slightly ashamed of like the time when you were eight and you stole something from your brother well something that you think is wrong too personal to include I promise you that they want to know about these things and they’re very interested in these things and I think it’s a great way to engage the admissions officers some tips being funny is kind of tough especially across cultural boundaries and things that are funny in the UK for example are not funny in America which I found since coming here and so Parks your particular brand of humor won’t carry over.