I would not exactly advise against being funny I would just be cautious and make sure you get a lot of people to read it to make sure everyone thinks it’s kind of funny make sure to show don’t tell this is mainly about remaining rooted in the physical description and in action over like blatantly saying the points that you’re trying to make if you’re trying to say that you’re nice don’t say I’m a very nice person talk about that time you were very very kind your sister for example and do above all make sure your voice comes through they want to hear you as a person they want to know about you. Find out more about use of humor in your work at Edusson.

They want to hear you have to and what you think and so make sure that while you’re writing this I say this is your most this is your main point this is the purpose of writing the essay and don’t lose sight of that while you are writing it so the process of how to do it is a very long and trying one so I think you should start by brainstorming this is a very very important part that a lot of students kind of skip over just in favor of diving right in I think it’s important make a list of possible prompts that you yourselves would want to address so you could go from things like what’s Monday and that’s to an activity that’s perhaps not in your application that you might want to talk about you a particular memory that you might want to talk about and between those we try to narrow it down to one by what gains the best insight don’t forget to ask questions to everyone I think that’s a very important point do you make sure to retain your focus on your subject don’t really if you find yourself distracting yourself from your subject or maybe getting off point. Every sentence should be foucsed on something, learn more here.

Make sure to drive whatever you’re talking about back to your main thesis and you should have a thesis organized and then make sure to prove what you’re saying if you start with a philosophical or personal point make sure you provide proof for that they should be able to draw their own conclusions and their conclusions should be the same ones you yourself are trying to make so this is mainly through show don’t tell it’s a very very important concept to keep track of for those who have put off the essay like we are also prone to do there’s a lot of easy ways or maybe perhaps accessible ways to approach this I say there are things like pick three things in your room whether that’s your favorite pencil your favorite book and the fact that you keep your shoes very organized if you can link these three things in some way then that perhaps is a very very good encapsulation of your person and it’s that it’s awesome when choosing these three things.