One of the things I enjoy doing the most is really working with students and when I left higher education after spending 16 years I joined them so that I would be able to help many more students than ever at one particular institution but I have worked at five different universities as Rob said most recently I was the director of admission at Stanford and I also was responsible for the application review process at Stanford at Berkeley at Chapel Hill and at the University of Pittsburgh and so I’ve had a lot of experience reading essays working with our staff to really understand how to evaluate an essay both from the perspective of what the student would bring to the institution but also what the institution could also do to benefit the student by be admitted to the University. Find out more about communication with admission committee at Edusson.

And so the essay piece of the application for me was the most compelling most exciting part of reading any single application that a student presented particularly when I was at Stanford where we had an admit rate less than 7% the essay was the piece in the application that really made a student stand out and when the admissions process would start we would have training to talk about how to evaluate the essay I’m looking at things from house didn’t presented themselves the stories that they told the grammar in the particular essay all of those things went into the evaluation process and so the admission office would become very passionate about reading these applications and really interested in learning more about the individual student that every institution that I was involved with and in many institutions across the country the review process is not only just an evaluation of the application but there’s also a discussion that happens with with each individual application so it’s Stanford for example we would have readers that would evaluate the application there would be one reader that would evaluate the application. Read another useful article about applications.

They would then send that on to a second leader and then that application would be brought up for review in a committee style process and so at that particular time what would happen is that admission officer who initially evaluated the application would really be they advocate for the student and so they were able to become a better advocate for the student when they were able to convey messages that were given to them through the application particularly through the essay and so the essay really became that opportunity for a student to really have an interview with an emission officer and really tell them about something and that was really of interest to them while answering the questions that were presented to the student through the common application or the supplement or when I was at the University of California through the University of California application process it was just the way in which a student can bring something to light that was not addressed somewhere else in the application.